Hey there

Story about me

My name is nodari (Noda as you may know me from support) I’m a creator and designer of this things. I’ve always been interested in the stories behind objects; how they were made, why and who made them. That’s why after leaving my local business and jobs I’ve decided that building digital products with the skill set I have — a unique combination of design and engineering — would become my craft. Since then I’ve been working on bringing such products to the life, either my own or through ideas of my clients.

Currently, I’m living in the beautiful city of Kutaisi, Georgia where I work from my home, from my parents home or even from lake or woods :). While not at work you’ll find me playing the tennis, riding a bike, hiking high in the mountains, watching creepy movies or most probably I’m playing with my 2 crazy children,

Yes, I believe I have supernatural powers. It’s ok, I’m sure you have those too!

Core Values

People First – I treat my customers like family and my customers as my #1 priority.

Passion – I love what i do and do what i love.

Product – I always trying to don’t build not average but the BEST !

Funny facts about me
Started my bussiness
Only 4 official project so far
Lines of code
indeed, im hard worker
km ride
With my bike