Thanks for purchasing my premium product from Themeforest or from my site, Supporting all of my customers who have purchased my product is very important to me and i strive to provide the highest level of support available. i started this business from support job, i worked with many great authors on ThemeForest (Marius Hogash, skywarriorthemes, cohhe, madza, elephantthemes, solo pine design, and many others) I do this because i back up my products, i care about my users and want to assist them on this journey in getting the best result.

As of September 1st, 2015 Envato introduced paid support for all items purchased on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Herein is detailed the paid item support guidelines, and how this affects you:

Item Support Exclusions
  • Item customization.
  • Hosting, server environment, or software
  • Help from authors of included third-party assets

What I support
  • Support covers getting up and help in theme setup
  • using features and general bugs/issues with our themes/plugins
  • Bug fixes – if you discovered bug in the theme i will fix it for sure
  • Functionality which does not work as advertised

If you asking help that is not within this scope, such as on how to use default WordPress functionality itself then we’d likely redirect you to external articles or support forums instead.

I can’t support:
  • Provide my IP Addresses, under any circumstances.
  • Edit my host file to gain access to your installation. You will need to allow access without modifications.
  • Schedule a specific time to offer support and use screen sharing applications.
  • Provide any guarantees when providing support.
  • Take responsibility in case any issues arise from trying to provide support.

Item Support Schedule

I do my best to monitor the tickets around the clock, however, this is not always possible due to different timezones, im checking support system several times in the day. Reply times can vary from time to time and be up to 24 hours Monday – Friday and up to 48 hours on weekends, Sat-Sun. but is usually faster than that.

I highly recommend use support system with your theme-related issues