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1. Support

According to : http://themeforest.net/legal/membership , each item is sold “as-is”, and authors are not required by any agreement to answer support questions, so we are NOT REQUIRED to offer template support, it was not implied or included by the purchasing of our template, however, it is in good faith that we offer template support with every sale;

We only offer template related support via our support forum only for buyers, who have purchased our template on themeforest;

We DO NOT provide support on our free templates, you can only ask for help on forum and when time is available we are free to help;

2. Where Can You Get Support

Support for our clients is provided only trough our support forum that can be found here : https://www.radiuzz.com/support/

We do not provide after purchase support in any other places like :

  • Themeforest item comments page ( we provide only pre-sale support )
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email

If you have problems creating an account on our support forum , please contact us from our profile page on themeforest : http://themeforest.net/user/radiuzz

3. How Can I Create an account on the support forum

4. Support Hours

Most of our support staff is based on GMT+2. We try to provide support “around the sun” , however, our support schedule is as follows :

Monday – Friday : 10:00 – 19:00 ( GMT+2 )

5. How can we help :

  • Getting set-up with the theme ( We strongly recommend checking the item documentation file or/and the online documentation provided before opening a new thread )
  • Problems using the theme features
  • Any bug fixes that may appear

6. We cannot provide support for :

  • Theme customization ( although , if the time permits, we try to assist )
  • 3rd Party plugins problems ( many plugin developers do not write the plugins accordingly with WordPress Standards and can brake other themes and plugins )